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Thanks to the intuition of its President, Federico Dalgas Pandolfini, in 2015 Crossmedia decides to invest in what at the time was barely more than a suggestion: creating a space for digital art in the heart of Florence, writing a new chapter in the long history of the Santo Stefano al Ponte church. Deconsecrated since 1986, the glorious Romanic building opened up again its doors to the citizenship after more than 30 years. Great technological devices/equipment drew a new identity for this place, creating the first permanent space devoted to immersive art in Italy.

Since then, whoever enters through the doors of the Cattedrale dell’Immagine penetrates inside a new dimension, where the distinctions between art and technology and between work of art and its audience disappear. The digital art experience makes possible to have a model of artistic fruition that enables different worlds to meet without mediation. For this reason, it is welcomed by a transversal public, across age, education and social background.

More than a million visitors have already honoured the offer of the Cattedrale dell’Immagine, solidifying its role as a centre of excellence capable of promoting the culture of immersive exhibitions in Italy and worldwide.

These are the exhibitions that have been hosted during these years:

Incredible Florence
Klimt Experience
Da Vinci Experience
Monet Experience
Van Gogh & i maledetti
Inside Magritte
Inside Dalí

Inside Banksy

Santo Stefano al Ponte is a Romanesque-style, Roman Catholic church, located in the Piazza of the same name, near the Ponte Vecchio, in Florence…

Crossmedia Group has the team and necessary expertise to conceive, produce and distribute immersive productions, From the preliminary study to the development…

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