Inside Dalí

The Show

Inside Dalí is an immersive exhibition at the border between imagination and reality. The visitor goes through an imaginific universe full of dreams and rediscovers the life of one of the greatest XX century painters, the main interpreter of Surrealism: Salvador Dalí.

The heart of the exhibition is in the immersive space, where the spectator comes into close contact with the Catalan painter’s work, entering his world for more than 35 minutes: a very emotional moment that will move the audience like never before.

Conceived, created and produced by Crossmedia Group with the support of the GALA SALVADOR DALÍ Foundation, Inside Dalí brings together the main European excellences in the creation and promotion of immersive exhibitions.

Salvador Dalí


Salvador Dalí

(Figueres, 11 maggio 1904 – Figueres, 23 gennaio 1989)

Today Salvador Dalí is remembered, even more than as a painter, as an icon of mass society. If you mention his name to an interlocutor, they will, in a sort of Pavlovian way, think of a disproportioned handlebar moustache with the ends pointing at the sky. Besides, he craved success all throughout his life and he cultivated with extreme care and attention his image as a global celebrity. We could even say that all of his artistic and intellectual efforts converged towards the same goal: to obtain by any possible means the maximum recognition of his genius. Films, paintings, books, records, sculptures, illustrations, advertisements, clothes, furniture, jewellery – whatever form his creativity took, Dalí’s commitment was total, given that every single piece of his creation needed to demonstrate how his life was, as he once wrote, «essentially different from the rest of mankind».

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