Concerts and Special Events in Florence


A packed schedule of concerts is featured at the Cattedrale dell’Immagine in Florence. In the evenings, a selection of musical artists performs all year long following a wide range of events such as symphonic, classical, contemporary and opera music concerts and contemporary ballet performances.

Corporate Special Events

In Florence, the strategic location – just 20 metres away from Ponte Vecchio – the uniqueness of the space and the recognisability of our brand make the Cattedrale dell’Immagine the ideal location for private and special events.

It is possible to organise corporate events during the exhibition’s closing time. Conceived as exclusive, unique and personalised down to the last details moments, the events can be structured as a simple visit to the exhibition, with or without a guide, or as an exclusive guided tour paired with a convivial moment.

It is possible to go even further: from conventions to private dinners, from professional refresher courses to fashion shows and corporate presentations. Every project, in accordance with the management and the institutional goals of the Cattedrale dell’Immagine, is developed together with the client to achieve a successful result that satisfies both parties involved.

Cattedrale dell'Immagine for Ferrari, Florence,

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